Why Do You Give? Part 1

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During a recent visit with a respected donor and active volunteer leader, I asked the simple question “Why do you do this?”  Here is what she said:

 It’s very simple.  I’ve been blessed.  If I don’t give back, shame on me.  For me, it’s sharing the blessings I’ve received. 

I was a single mom raising kids and working, and had no child care to speak of.  What I would have given to get help!  Today, I know that I can support a great organization that provides such care . . . and I do!  In fact, I give where I feel I have a strong calling — the church, children, immigrants and homeless.  My volunteer efforts follow my gifts.  I work on teaching English; I’m on the Board of an organization that is attacking issues of the homeless; and I’m committed to serving my church . . . just to name a few.

Are there stories like her’s within the prospects and friends of your organization?

John Pruehs

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