What Is a Major Gift?

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It really depends upon your organization! 

Here’s one way to define it at the highest end.  As you examine the history of giving to your organization, a “major gift” is one that falls within the top 30% of your gifts within a given year.  Examine what the average of those top 30% would be.  That creates your base line.  A major gift is one that you deem major . . . one that required a plan and strategy to secure, and one that came from a donor committed to your organizational vision.

At Pruehs & Associates, our major gift acquisition program is geared to take action and literally help you build that top 30% both in size and volume.  Our services are delivered 1:1 either in person or via videoconferencing.  The videoconferencing is simple . . . we can help you get set up and keep costs down. 

Contact us at jpruehs@pruehs.net OR through our website at https://www.pruehs.net/.

We look forward to hearing from you.

John Pruehs

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