The Millionaire Next Door

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An article by David Lauderdale in the Island Packet, a local newspaper servicing the Hilton Head, South Carolina area, identified a secret benefactor.


Lauderdale described an anonymous benefactor who provided a special gift for middle school school kids willing to work.  Many were children with potential, some were brilliant but perhaps lacked funds to go to college.  So, like today’s Promise Scholarship Programs, this one anonymous donor provided a remarkable opportunity.  If these middle school students worked hard academically, they could have as much as $45,000 each to continue their education.  As one student said, “This program let us know that we could do anything as long as we believed in ourselves.”


In total, the benefactor gave 58 graduates $1.6 million in scholarships!  He also made sure that no one knew who he was and that his name could only be revealed upon his death.  He kept files of news about the students’ achievements!  The donor lived modestly despite the fact that he possessed considerable wealth.


The millionaire next door concept is alive and well.  In major gifts fund raising, you learn quickly that generosity comes in all sizes, shapes, colors and neighborhoods.


Thank you, Mr. Anonymous Donor.  You’ve set a special example for all of us.


To read the article in full, click here:  Secret Benefactor Who Shaped Young Lives Finally Comes to Light.


One thought on “The Millionaire Next Door

  1. This type of encouragement is so needed. It is extra special when people like Mr. Anonymous Donor give and the only return that matters is improvement of others’ lives.