The Time for Excuses is Over. . .

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  • Stop blaming the economy.
  • Stop blaming donor fatigue.
  • Stop blaming your organization for not having projects for funding.
  • Stop blaming the CEO for not making calls.
  • Stop the excuses.

Over the past few years, we have stressed the basic steps of major gift success in this blog. There isn’t anything we’ve written about that we haven’t experienced ourselves. We’ve interviewed major gift donors and asked “why” they give so generously. We’ve had interesting input from development professionals as they’ve written about their experiences.

Yet, I still see organizations complaining because they don’t see gifts come their way fast enough. I still see non-profit CEOs expecting gifts from non-donor individuals emerge without proper cultivation, relationship building or solid friend-winning. I still hear development staff using the excuses noted above.

Here are just a few simple ways to move forward:

  • Fine tune your major gift prospect list and identify the top ten prospects.
  • Draw a simple cultivation plan for each of the prospects.
  • Review the plan with the CEO and make adjustments.
  • Simply this — take action. You’ll make special friends and you’ll see new support come to your organization.

Do you have major gift stories you might like to share? Email me at and we’ll create new opportunities to share ideas and experiences.

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