The Question that Makes a Major Gift Donor Excited

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I invited a major donor to meet me for coffee. I told him that I had a thought provoking question to ask as our organization prepares to do an annual update of our strategic plan. He values the work of the organization, so he quickly made time for me. After our greeting and “check-in” with one another, I explained that as a participant in our strategic planning process, I wanted to hear more from some of our closest donors . . . hence, our meeting.

I asked him this question . . .  If we were meeting here three years from today, what impact would you have liked your charitable gift to have made?

His first reaction was, “Why three years?” Our expectations are significant and could take that long to address.

He had ideas, wishes and dreams. He went into great detail describing our importance to what he hoped to accomplish in his life; he expressed his gratitude for being asked his opinions. Our two-hour coffee discussion culminated in him asking to be more deeply involved in a specific “big issue.” He was excited and motivated.

Now, my question to you — Have you asked your major donors for their opinions?

John Pruehs

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