The Power of PR — Event Planning

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public relations


Press Releases.  Biz Blogs.  Media Relations.  Crisis Communications.  Speech Writing.


Each term above, and there are plenty more, represents a tiny facet of the jewel we call public relations (PR).  In today’s business world, the use of PR is valuable.  Without it, an organization runs the risk of getting lost in the crowd of competitors.  Yet, PR is often overlooked when company costs surmount.


So why do you need PR?  Namely because it boosts business success.  If your company wants to make the public aware of products or services offered, then PR is your answer.


Event Planning . . .


You may be thinking that event planning amounts to nothing more than adding names to your young child’s birthday party list, carefully detailing a matched number of boys and girls. Yet, corporate events provide a greater awareness for social gatherings.  Simply inviting people to attend your function makes the public better aware of who you are and what you do.  And it’s more than just getting people in your door . . . it’s about getting the right people in your door, from top executives to local media.


Recalling the last business event you attended . . . what was it that brought you there?  Perhaps it was a holiday gathering where the guest speaker touted the company’s yearly accomplishments.  Or maybe it was a Lunch-and-Learn series that introduced you to a cause you never heard of before but has, since then, become near and dear to your heart.  No matter the reason, you came, you saw, you conquered.  And also, most likely, you networked, you learned, you followed.


According to seasoned PR professionals, the need to get people familiar with your brand, product or service is reason enough for planning or hosting a business event.  Raising the profile of your organization or lending its name to a fundraiser helps identify the philosophy of the company.  If you don’t get the community thinking about your brand, who will?  Bring the public to you.  Build the buzz about what you wish to promote.  Generate advocates for your cause.  Put PR to good use and plan an event that will make a difference to your organization.


The long and the short of it is that PR is vital to any business.  The more you do, the more potential for even more exposure.  Great PR ultimately leads to an event’s success and can be the difference between being unknown or rising above the noise.




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