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The Importance of Gratitude


Thank You - Gratitude [1]Three recent conversations with excellent donors yielded similar messages:


Major Gift Donor #1 expresses her disappointment that she has never been thanked for her significant cash gift . . . “I don’t want anything more than the CEO who asked me for the gift to call and say thank you.”


Major Gift Donor #2 felt the signage for his support certainly did not reflect the size and impact of his gift. He believes in the organization and will give again . . . just not as much.


Major Gift Donor #3 said that while she was not interested in any added publicity due to the size and scope of her gift, it would be nice to have received a handwritten thank you note from the president of the organization.


What is your gift acknowledgement process?


Or, is this “thank you” stuff passé to you?


I’m clear about it . . . if you hope to build long lasting relationships with donors of all levels of giving, then you better say thank you in multiple ways.


In a recent project, we just saw an expense of about $35,000 to thank donors for $5 million in gifts. The signage is beautiful and long lasting. Each donor is aware that his/her gift was vitally important to the project. Yes . . . and with joy!