The Donor's Second Major Gift

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Donor A made a major gift to our project. It was a top five gift on our pyramid and campaign leaders were thrilled. Donor A wanted to remain anonymous. There would be no announcement . . . not even a thank you note. Donor A has been kept abreast of campaign activities and successes. Several weeks ago, Donor A made an inquiry about another aspect of our project. We just got word that Donor A has made a second major gift.

Donor B has spent the past several months trying to figure out the naming opportunities that would be meaningful to Donor B's family. After sharing several ideas and many heartfelt conversations, Donor B confirmed a wonderful major gift. At our last meeting, Donor B commented that there is likely to be a second gift and also volunteered to be more involved in the project by making fundraising calls.

The two donors are success stories without a doubt. Both Donor A and B have their own style of data collection and gift giving. They both exemplify the axiom that our best prospects for major support are those who have already supported our project.

As 2013 comes to a close, let me ask you . . .

  • Are you spending enough time with your top 20 donors?
  • Are you sharing with them the positive difference their support has made?
  • Are you finding a reason to once again say “thank you”?

They've already supported your project . . . they have a vested interest. Keep your top donors in the information cycle . . . they might just make a second major gift because they really care.

John Pruehs

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