Tasks of a Major Gifts Officer

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A major gifts officer has the important job of cultivating large gifts for an organization.  This takes careful thinking, planning and effort.  Here are some helpful tips that will lead your organization to success . . .

1.  Be Organized

Get organized by taking the garbage and clutter out of the office . . . start fresh and be focused!

2.  Get Out There

Don’t rely solely on email and social media . . . get out there and see your prospects face-to-face.

3.  Make a Connection

When making a call, look for the interests of your prospect.

4.  Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor

Bask in your accomplishments.  Then, rest when you can as it keeps you healthy and alert!

When you need assistance beyond these four tasks, contact us to help you strengthen your major gifts impact.

Pruehs & Associates, LLC

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