The Power of PR in Your Neighborhood

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A well-known children’s program has affectionately been singing the lyrics to a neighborhood tune for years. But can you, as a business person, answer the question … just who are the people in your neighborhood? And how can your company reap the rewards of knowing who’s out there?


Getting your name out into the community can take various appearances … educational forums, business expos, lunch-and-learns … all helpful in better educating the public about a topic or cause that’s related to what you do. The venues for staging your platform can include colleges, hospitals, libraries, churches, park districts and service organizations (think Rotary Club, Kiwanis, etc.).


Promoting initiatives gives your company a stronger presence. Better company awareness adds visibility to your organization. We see this in both our philanthropic work and as we focus on marketing and communications for other clients. It lends credibility to your initiatives. It allows new ways to engage with others and seek new followers. Moreover, it drives home the point that you are a trusted source of knowledge and can be the point person when it comes to your specific topic.


Cultivating business relationships with others in the community assists in promotional efforts. It establishes good will throughout your community.


Why not get to know your neighborhood?



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