Nothing Makes a Blog Easier to Write Than a Great Story!

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We’ve been working on a major campaign that has been enormously successful. Our initial goal of $3.5 million was achieved, surpassed and a new goal of $4 million was established. By the time we hit $4 million in gifts and grants, the project was expanded and we upped the goal to $5 million!


. . . then, we hit the wall.  We were stuck at $4.6 million against our new $5 million goal and were not able to nudge forward . . .


We were notified this week of an anonymous donor who delivered a check for $300,000!! Our goal is now within sight!


As we reflect on this project, it’s the basics that we write about in this blog that made the difference in this campaign. Relationships were key. Designating the project into “needs” and “wants” kept everyone, including donors, focused. The joy at seeing progress in the construction phases created both curiosity and passion for the project.


Many donors made multiple gifts. A donor challenged the community by offering to match donations during a specific time frame, which provided enormous encouragement and new gifts. Social media became a tool to express appreciation and acknowledge progress. The community saw new facilities to benefit people of all ages.


Now, we have the privilege to use this anonymous gift as a boost to encourage donors to help us wrap it up.  A big thanks to that anonymous donor . . . and to ALL donors!!  What a great story!!


John Pruehs



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