Meet My New Friend, Boo Boo

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Boo Boo is being cared for by a special volunteer who is helping a wild life preserve.  This six week old grizzly bear is something to see!  Boo Boo's care includes a special feeding in the wee hours of the night and lots of holding . . . and loving.  Boo Boo is the third baby from the preserve this volunteer leader has cared for and nurtured.

Boo Boo will go back to his mother and father soon.  He will go back though with some strength, size and a greater ability to care for himself.

Most of the non-profit organizations I know have special needs for leaders.  Some lead by developing policy.  Some lead by giving money.  Some lead by securing gifts and grants.  And, some lead by caring for little grizzly bears!

3 thoughts on “Meet My New Friend, Boo Boo

  1. It is wonderful to read how volunteers are making sure your grandchildren and mine will have animals like Boo Boo to see “for real” rather than in pictures. You look like Boo Boo belongs with you. So i will ask like Becky did, “Did you adopt Boo Boo?” Can’t wait to hear why mom and dad are not caring for their son and how you got lucky enough to cuddle the little cutie.