Major Gifts — Never Give Up!

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A “never give up” attitude has enabled Tony Sculimbrene of the National Aviation Heritage Alliance (NAHA) to become a real hero! Through Tony’s tireless efforts, NAHA is succeeding on a nifty project, which will re-establish Dayton, Ohio as the birthplace of America’s aviation industry.


Orville and Wilbur Wright invented the airplane in their Dayton bicycle factories back in 1910 and 1911. The Wright brothers completed a total of 13 different models and 120 airplanes from 1910 to 1915.


Today, Tony and the NAHA team are working to redevelop these original factory buildings and acquire land to create an aerospace campus. The buildings and surrounding land will become part of the National Park Service benefiting the surrounding neighborhood while preserving our nation’s aviation history. Opportunities include 34 acres for academic or commercial development where business/aerospace partners can develop and create future expansion for Dayton.  This will be a new site for area tourism linked with Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.  Also, there will be a Dayton Public Library branch located on site.  There’s lots to be excited about!


Tony has said, “This project will happen; we just have to be patient.” And this project is well on its way and being accomplished through perseverance and the major gifts Tony and others have cultivated over the years.


Tony’s “never give up” attitude is a hallmark of successful major gift work. At Pruehs & Associates, we’ve been proud to work with Tony, Amanda Wright Lane and their team and applaud their heartfelt efforts . . . and EXCITING outcomes!


Way to go!!



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