It’s All About the Attitude

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It's all about the attitude


JOB – where we go to daily and get paid for working hard . . . or hardly working? Is your job something you love to do or something you have to do?


As the cliché goes, “Life is short.” We have a limited amount of time on this planet, so why not do what we love and enjoy each day? Why not surround ourselves with self-motivating colleagues and personally invest in our jobs? It’s silly to merely show up at work and sit at a desk. With a supportive company, great teammates and self-motivation, we can truly make a difference in this crazy world! It’s all about the attitude.


Being a fund raising consultant is not just a job . . . it’s my life. Throughout my 40+ years of fund raising experience, I have met impressive individuals including executive directors, superintendents, board members, committee members, major gift donors, volunteers and more. I’ve had the opportunity and the privilege to help people solve problems, strategize and make their communities better. Our clients invest in their causes, and we invest in our clients. Every day is not perfect. There are some projects I enjoy more than others. But at the end of the day, I can say . . . I learned, did my best and made a positive difference in this world.


We all have the opportunity to make a difference no matter what our career. Take the glass is half full approach. I challenge you to find your purpose in your field, invest a little more and view your tasks from a positive perspective. You CAN make a difference . . . it’s up to you . . . it’s in your ATTITUDE.



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