Impactful Philanthropy

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The giving behavior of major gift prospects is impactful to them as they turn their passions into actions!


Due to the efforts of some of the mega-wealthy, we are seeing more being written about the “Giving While Living” philosophy. As one of our client donors says, “Do your giving while you’re living so you’re knowing where it’s going!”


Simply defined, Giving While Living is becoming an increasingly popular option for high net worth individuals. For many, the plan is to spend down a significant percentage of their assets while living to be a part of making a difference NOW!


In our confidential work with these leaders, we find that philanthropy and impactful giving is very important to them and their teachings within their respective families. We also see that as a second or even a third generation of family members get involved, the depth and approach to giving can change.


Make “Impactful Philanthropy” a topic for your next Development Committee meeting. These discussions open interesting doors or thoughts, behaviors and outcomes.


John Pruehs



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