I Think I Can . . . I Think I Can

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I Think I Can

Spending a weekend caring for my two young grandsons recently, I flipped through the pages of a popular children’s book and recited aloud a mantra perfectly suited for today’s businesses.


I think I can … I think I can.


Why was that train trying to get over the mountain? Obviously, it was all about taking risks, going the extra mile, working to deliver toys to the other side of town so children wouldn’t be disappointed.


Stop and ask yourself … what is it that drives your economic locomotive? When the winter doldrums strike, and you know they will, does that become the time to take cover or take chances? If your engine starts to feel sluggish, do you pull over or plunge forward? When your caboose lags behind, do you PERspire … or INspire?


This time of year, spirits need an extra jolt of revitalization in the form of more than just triple-shot espressos. It becomes valuable for organizations to labor away in the first quarter just as strongly as the fourth quarter. While it’s not uncommon to see a decrease in donations and donors in Q1, the ability to withstand challenges is a simple, yet dynamic, message that comes about when seeking new donors or fresh perspectives on your philanthropic efforts.


Learn to listen to your inner engine and keep chugging ahead … no matter the mountain, no matter the distance.



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