How Do You Rise Above the Noise?

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Naperville Public Relations

Do you plan your public relations efforts to bring improved results in image and philanthropy?


Lately, it seems like there is a new “cause” popping up every day. So, how do successful not-for-profit organizations juggle several balls in the air … serving their clients, raising awareness, and at the same time, staying connected with current members and volunteers and also discovering new potential donors to support their goals?


Most agree that a strong public relations effort can make a big difference in meeting fundraising goals and ensuring that the good work you are doing is being seen. While the traditional press release is still quite effective in creating awareness resulting in successful fundraising campaigns, non-profits are tapping into their creativity and using additional avenues such as social media, newsletters, mailings and events to help them stay in front of their audience.


To reach a more diverse audience, your PR efforts need to be varied. We discovered that daily posts on Facebook and Twitter combined with YouTube videos have been a great way for organizations to reach a more digital audience. Newsletters, whether they are being sent monthly, quarterly or yearly, via Constant Contact or snail mail, are another great way to communicate updates and other pertinent news with your organization’s patrons. And, don’t forget about blogs … these work for both younger and older audiences.


What about the media? How do you convince a local reporter or assignment editor that your story is important enough for them to cover? In addition to building a relationship with the media, many not-for-profits are able to offer the knowledge of staff members who are viewed as industry experts on a certain subject. This makes the reporter’s job easier and, they will remember you and your organization when you pitch them your story.


Public relations has come to incorporate a wide variety of techniques and strategies … and each successful not-for-profit organization engages the audience through the avenues which work for them.


Think about what activity or effort reaches your segmented audiences … whether the purpose be building your image or raising new or increased gifts and grants.



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