Hitting Your Goals Yet?

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We are 19 days into 2016 . . . it’s an active time of year, both at the gym and in the workplace. Have you been working toward those New Year’s resolutions?


I’ve had several fund raising axioms re-enforced in my work with clients and donors throughout 2015 and into 2016. Let me share five important ones with you:


  1. Major donors support causes they feel passionate about AND they often give through people they admire.
  2. Failure to work on meaningful donor and leadership relationships becomes obvious as you stop hearing from your friends.
  3. People give to people and promising programs.
  4. Major donors often want to know what others care just as much as they do about a project, cause or program.
  5. Recognition for good work and for generous support is often overlooked. MAKE SURE TO RECOGNIZE YOUR SUPPORTERS!


Continue putting your time and talents in high gear at the start of this New Year with all types of goal achievements. You’ll be proud and it will set you up for another year of hard work . . . and great results.




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