Green Side Up!

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A new stadium is being built and, as the turf is being installed, we take a moment to quietly celebrate an enormous victory!

The stadium is just part of an exciting, new complex. The performing arts auditorium; track; baseball, softball, soccer and football fields; and wellness center all combine to create spectacular new sports, arts and academic opportunities in Eaton, Ohio.

Major gifts have played a key role as we’re raising more than $4 million. We’ve had community support, grants, gifts-in-kind, direct contributions, one to five year pledges, a generous anonymous donor and a matching challenge gift. How exciting to see people express genuine enthusiasm for their hometown!

The Building on Great Traditions Capital Campaign has informative interpretive materials. Click here to see the campaign video.  The five minute presentation combines the charm of small town America with an end product that any community would be proud to have as its own. The Facebook page has a well oiled following. Each post is read by hundreds of folks just within the first hour.

Most important, this campaign has created pride — pride in the community, pride in the schools, pride in the leadership and pride in the generosity that has enabled this project to avoid tax dollars and create a privately supported facility.

We’re not finished . . . we’re still seeking gifts. Laying down the turf creates an exciting moment for each volunteer to smile and say, “I helped build this for our town and all of our kids and grandkids.” This makes Eaton, Ohio a special place to call home.

3 thoughts on “Green Side Up!

  1. Very exciting, John! I drove by this week with my sister and we cannot believe the progress: the bleachers, the lights, the field and the very cool entrance to the Wellness Center and Stadium!! Thank you and your team for all of the excellent support!

  2. Very exciting! I drive by every week to see the progress. What a great facility for Eaton.

  3. Great job, it looks great! We are so excited to have such and asset in our community. Awesome job to everyone involved. We are blessed to have the support we have in Eaton.

    Andrew Gaydosh