Don’t Fear the Speaker!

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Each morning, except on Sunday, Madeline gets out of bed and settles in front of her flat screen TV. With her buttered toast and a cup of tea, she begins her morning ritual of three non-stop hours of the morning news . . .


There among the images and words of friends that she trusts — Bob, Charlie, Gail, Gretchen and Norah — Madeline gradually feels herself melting into a slow panic. Beset with images of wars and rumor of wars from Baghdad to Tel Aviv; the economic woes and insurmountable debt load of our great nation; the deadly fear of a new virus strain; horrific images of crashes and explosions caught on surveillance cameras; deadly drones at her window; cataclysmic weather headed her way; not to mention the threat of elder abuse, rip-off artists and the con man at her door — Madeline is learning a new phenomenon . . . fear and distrust.


It was a simpler time when her husband was still living, the kids were closer and her siblings were still around. Still, she has friends — the neighbors, the women she plays bridge with on Thursdays, her pastor and YOU, her Charitable Gift Planner.  She trusts you!


She trusts you because you have her best interests in mind. You won’t promote a product to her that might, in the end, burden her financially if sickness comes while your charity prospers. You don’t pressure her. You use words that she understands. You really listen to her. You know the names of her children and you check in with them from time to time. You remember Madeline’s birthday and celebrate it with her as appropriate. You know the name of her cat. You take her to lunch now and then, and you even pray for her if she is ill or stressed. In short, you care about her!


Madeline understands your charity’s mission. She sees the impact that your not-for-profit has in her community, in her country, in the wold. She understands that her financial support is having a true impact. In time, when the fears of life tend to creep in, she trusts you and the world is a better place because of it!


Hodge Drake

Director of Charitable Gift Planning

Otterbein Retirement Living Communities


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