Do You Embrace Technology in Your Philanthropic Work?

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I don’t want to be a dinosaur so I try to keep current.  I’ve got able team members who join me in that exploration.  I’m also of the age where cultivating relationships and effective communications are usually the precursors of results and positive outcomes.

I attempt to link technology with my relational values and my interest in major gifts fund raising.  Therefore, my challenge is to be open-minded to new ideas and actions that foster relationships.  That seems to be getting more difficult these days.  And, the etiquette of “communications” has changed.

I’m wondering if I’m not part of the last generation that initiates contact via phone rather than starting with an email message.

I’m wondering if major gifts officers are out making face-to-face calls regularly.

I’m wondering if major gifts donors value the relationship with the staff of those organizations they support in addition to valuing the important work of their favorite charitable organization.

At the invitation of a local bank, I’m soon to do a presentation on major gifts funding and the trends we see emerging with those clients we serve.  I’ll test my questions with attendees and see if there is a difference between the younger and older fund raising professionals.  I bet I learn a few new ways to engage technology in my work . . . and life!

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