Business Communications — hard lines, mobile phones and what if?

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Have you stopped to rethink your normal business communications?


Our business has experienced a change in its historical model of communication as the use of dedicated hard line telephone service has been heavily supplemented by our mobile phones. It’s not unusual for any of our team members to be using business landlines simultaneously with mobile phones.


Five weeks ago, our old landline phone system died. The system didn’t get replaced in just a day or two. No, it’s taken five weeks. Fortunately, clients had our mobile numbers. Our communications with those we know and work with didn’t suffer. It’s the unknown loss of contact that is upsetting.


The point of this is to ask yourself “what if” your system crashed and needed to be replaced . . . what would you do? The marketplace offers alternatives. What would you buy/lease? How are your needs best met? How would a new system be installed? It’s good to have a “what if” plan because, as we found, it takes more time to transfer phone numbers than expected and the choices of hardware and systems is extensive.


I’m happy to say we’re up and running.


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