Breaking Out of the Slump

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An informative blog is a terrible thing to waste. But waste it I did as I encountered a terrible writing slump . . .


The end result of a two-year blogging track record was a measurable increase in contacts, referrals and interest in our team and our work.  I enjoyed writing; I enjoyed recruiting guest bloggers. The creativity of creating meaningful content, using humor as a bridge to learning and the feeling of confidence that resulted from the occasional “nice blog” I would receive from readers and friends made blogging a fun “task.” As the business got busier, unfortunately, the blogging happened less.


Now it’s time to re-launch our blog, Major Gifts — An Inside View! One of the positive outcomes of my slump is that there are new experiences to write about and lessons to be learned. Our focus is clearly major gifts fund raising and the actions that such a program requires such as PR, marketing, communications and relationship building. Our target audience includes development officers, board members and executive directors/CEOs.


So, enjoy our Major Gifts blog. We enjoy putting it together as a useful tool and resource for you. If you have content ideas, please let me know and we will do our best to respond and give you a thought provoking idea or two.





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