Are You a Motivator?

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“I was just thinking,” our campaign volunteer stated.  “What if I match every gift this committee generates over the next two months?  Would that motivate our volunteers?”

Needless to say, our volunteer committee members were thrilled!  They were super motivated as they took on assignments “faster than a speeding bullet.”

This leader . . . motivator . . . is unassuming and does things because they're the right things to do.  He's unselfish, generous and extremely strategic.  He is great to work with because he's inquisitive and his commitment is deep and admirable. 

It's no secret that the people running this campaign are moving along successful trend lines . . . one might say they are “more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.” 

It makes us examine the characteristics of campaign leaders and emphasizes the importance of the leadership development process of our organizations.  Major gifts fund rasing is a process of leadership development, value oriented cultivation . . . and some luck.  And it's always enhanced by the right leaders! 

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