A $400 Million Gift!

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Recently, Mr. John Paulson made a $400 million donation to endow the Harvard University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. What a wonderful gift!


CONGRATULATIONS to Harvard University. You spent time building and nurturing a relationship and helped a prospect/donor understand how his gift could have a significant impact on others . . . for decades to come.


CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. Paulson who chose to give where he feels proud of the potential outcome of his generosity.


THANK YOU from the philanthropic marketplace to set an impressive example for other universities, schools and the full range of worthy organizations of what is possible when valued relationships are built.


Donors have the right to give where and to whom they choose. They have the opportunity to learn about the work of others; they have the opportunity to consider the outcomes of their generosity.


Look at the positive impact Mr. Paulson’s gift will make to Harvard and the impact the gift will encourage others to give to the organizations of their choice. Remember the opportunities that organizations have to tell their distinctive story to donors/prospects as they cultivate friendships is so important . . . don’t miss opportunities for your organization!





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