A Word to Describe Your Organization's Image

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Outstanding . . . wasteful . . . respected . . . disappointing . . . caring.  

What word describes your organization's image?

How is your organization described by others?

Do you know your distinctiveness?

Communications audits, fund raising feasibility studies and other qualitative research provide descriptive information that enhances your ability to secure top leaders as volunteers and generous leadership gifts.

Knowing how your organization is perceived and the value of its strengths can be the foundation for major gifts support, leadership recruitment and community wide identification. It doesn't have to cost an arm and leg to get this information. However, getting it unbiased is essential. To start, ask yourself these questions:

–  Why do your top five donors support you generously?

–  Are your top ten donors increasing their support to you?

–  Is your donor base growing?

–  How do others describe your organization?

Contact us through our website or call us directly at 630.245.1300 to discuss a no-cost consultation that addresses your image versus your desired position in the marketplace you serve.

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