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American Chartered Bank sponsored a presentation where I addressed the topic of major gifts; this was the first presentation that focused on not-for-profit bank customers.  Approximately 70 persons were in attendance — the most the bank has had at the morning speaker series.  I was struck by the positive level of engagement and interest as it was indicative of the challenges faced in raising more money and building relationships.

We talked about the identification and cultivation of major gifts prospects.  My challenge to the participants was to think about what goes into building a friendship — because major gifts donors have lots of choices and their choices usually match their passion and their relationships.  So, we talked about engagement, communications, sharing of interests — many of the ingredients that go into building and strengthening a relationship.

Thanks to all of the attendees for their excellent questions and attentive interest.  And, thanks to American Chartered Bank for hosting the event.

— John Pruehs

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